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2D-Sastres BCN Look book-Catalogue for 2011

by anekdotales

so i just got finished editing these photos and organizing them to create this lookbook-catalogue for 2D-Sastres BCN.  they are a small family business that uses upcycled materials and fabrics bought in local Barcelona flea markets to make really awsome bags.. so check them out here in this PDF… 2D-Sastres BCN


garbagewarrior… sustainable construction

by anekdotales

i came across this the other day and was impressed by its logic, creativity and simplicity- the conversion of garbage and waste into self sustaining homes, turning the plastic bottles that fill our landfills into bricks and used tires into walls. mike reynolds in his personal search for sustainable alternatives to the architectural and developmental norms of modernity, challenges common conventions about how humans relate to the local ecosystems where we live.  for reynolds and many others the human race has already consumed far more than our fair share of the world’s resources.  we have left vast swaths of land uninhabitable through industrial farming, we are rapidly using up both the planet’s fresh water, and fossil fuels, and now it’s becoming undeniable that we have affected the global climate in our constant growth.  it is without a doubt a dark future.  yet people like mike reynolds can renew one’s hope in the human capacity to react, adapt, learn, and progress towards a much more sane and healthy relationship with the earth.  this documentary, shot over the course of three years, follows mike reynolds through the construction of variety of different homes, and his battle with first the local code enforcers and later the state legislature.    unfortunately the status quo doesn’t seem so interested in the kind of world mike is working to try and create.


Fallen Arrows rocks its launch party!

by anekdotales

just back from a quick visit state-side, too much fun (not what i’d usually say).   fallen arrows, a direct-to-garment printshop out of atlanta, was throwing their inauguration party and maseo, from de la soul, was scheduled to spin.  being close to fallen arrows and a big fan of nineties east coast hip hop made the sounds of getting down to maseo in a low key environment something i couldn’t miss.   fallen arrows was celebrating the opening of their new space and demo-ing the new printer they’d recently bought.  i arrived wednesday night after a near empty flight- nothing like a private jet across the atlantic.  the company’s founder and owner, tito sands, picked me up at the airport in a beat-up gmc van. he looked about as frayed as the van, but was optimistic about the party.  “hurricane season is almost over, so that’s good,”   we laughed together. it sounded as though it had been a long month of preparation. he described lots of to-do lists, but it seemed as though almost everything was ready. all the booze and bartenders had been organized. most of the decorating was done. the neighbors had all been given a head’s up. he had his permits and had hired the necessary security.  but whenever preparations for a big event seem like they’re going good there’s inevitably a glitch.  “the fucking printer isn’t working,”  tito sighed as we exited the highway.  he explained this was a big bummer given that the idea was fallen arrows would do free demo prints, a really effective way to get potential clients excited about the company.   but sometimes technical difficulties are just unavoidable.

friday the last touches were put on the space and the parking lot. and then rain clouds rolled in.  then hail, followed by sleet, and then some sun, and then some more sleet.  we all started hitting the kegs early it was hard not to get a little down. but the fallen arrows’ crew weren’t about to let a little bad weather ruin their inauguration. they were determined to have a good time.  and as the night set in the clouds melted away, leaving a clear brisk fall night.  there were three fire pits outside and the food truck was selling all kinds of goodies.  inside the new space a steady stream of people checked out merchandising and enjoyed the bar and some projections.  at 8 dj double dutch (atl) opened outside spinning lots of dirty south. she was followed by dj lil ray (nyc) who mixed it up with her new york styles. there was lots of head bobbing and hula hooping.  lil ray handed over the turn tables to maseo around 10 and the night didn’t stop again until 4am.  outside maseo spun nineties and early 2000’s hip hop classics.  i’m no expert by any means… couldn’t tell you the discography of anyone, but somehow maseo spun everything i like about hip hop.  the popular culture without the bling.  it was as if he had my playlist.  and apparently i wasn’t the only one.  at 12 the party moved indoors and got all kinds of good.  maseo seemed to be having a blast!  he just kept spinning.  and mixing all kinds of shit from eighties tv show soundtracks- nightrider or the a-team, to fela kuti’s afro-funk, back to some nineties hip hop, and then on to eighties glamour.  all kinds of sounds and everyone dancing away. there was more than enough alcohol and the music just didn’t stop.

fallen arrows scored a handful of new clients and they recuperated the money they’d put down.  there was no extra cash but it didn’t seemed like they minded, the night had come off with out any scandals and the hang overs were bearable.  “it was the best kept party secret of atlanta,” someone had told me the night before and it seemed true. if fallen arrows proves to be half as good at printing as they are at organizing underground parties they’ve got a prosperous future ahead.  word is maseo was so stoked he wants to do it again, i’m looking forward to it and would hop across the pond for another fallen arrows get-down- without thinking twice.

check out fallen arrows below

fallen arrows is a direct-to-garment print shop on a mission to build a strong creative community.

artists and entrepreneurs alike seek us out because we are offer limitless design possibilities, great prices, and family-style customer service. then we take things a step beyond the ordinary by promoting our customers products through our own social networks and platforms.

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strength in courage- grassroots abolitionism in barcelona, spain

by anekdotales

abolitionist |ˌabəˈli sh ənist| noun-a person who favors the abolition of a practice or institution, esp. capital punishment or (formerly) slavery, prisons.

la biblioteca de la evasion is a grassroots abolitionist response to the isolating effects of the prison industrial complex.  the group was created by individuals with loved ones currently incarcerated in various different catalan prisons.  after years of visiting those on the inside, the impotence had reached unbearable levels.  the weekends spent in prison visiting areas had become normalized, it had become part of their everyday life.  there was no space to resist, nor to reject this reality- and the only option they encountered was accept the unacceptable.  shut up, and watch the time pass, watch their loved ones age, and surrender to the daily injustices they would suffer.   sentenced to the same years as the prisoners, they suffered the arbitrary logic and violence of the prison and its guards.  they faced the prejudices of a society that would rather forget about its prisoners than ask the hard questions, and find the even harder answers.  why are these men and women in jail?  who benefits from their incarceration?  what does growing prison recidivism mean?  why are prisons dominated by just a few faces, when those faces represent a fraction of the population?  what is justice?  who gets to define it, and how do we change that definition? are prisons the best we can do? for this group, the prison industrial complex wasn’t working, and standing by and accepting that there was nothing to do was a death sentence.  and trying to do something seemed so overwhelming it was hard find the starting point.

first they found strength in each other, their individual stories reinforcing each other.  they found strength in their collective conviction that prisons are not only unnecessary but in-just.  and they found more strength in the histories of resistance to the prison industrial complex.  this strength led them to action. it was a proactive step closer to defining for themselves their interaction with the prisons they were sentenced to visiting.  the first attempt was the handing out of flyers regarding the exploitation of prison labor in CIRE (centres per l’inciatives per la reinsercio’)* on the bus that transports prison visitors from barcelona to cuatro caminos penitentiary in granollers.  the text of the flyer was written by amadeu casellas, an anarchist recently released after nearly two decades of imprisonment. amadeu detailed the exploitation he’d witnessed as a prisoner with a comprehensive analysis of the for profit enterprise and its affect on the prison environment.   on the bus the response was positive.  most of the passengers were interested. they read the text and nodded their heads.  but when they asked those passing out the flyer  “this is good, but i already knew this… what do we do now?”  there was no prepared answer.  the collective hadn’t thought much beyond doing something.  they had been looking for anything to interrupt the everyday normal-ness of going to see a loved one caged like an animal, that it had been hard to think much further.  but this question was important, and it deserved more attention.

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collapse, peak oil and the dark future of michael ruppert- a film review

by anekdotales

collapse, by robert smith, is an hour and a half interview with former lapd narcotics officer, and investigative journalist, michael ruppert.  the documentary, shot in the basement of a former meatpacking factory in los angeles, is essentially a man, a dark room, chain smoking, and some pretty ominous revelations about the fragility of our modern world.  ruppert begins the interview by walking the audience through his experience as a los angeles police officer in the 1970’s and his eventual disillusionment with justice institutions.  in 1977 ruppert alleges he was recruited by the cia to help in agency drug smuggling operations, an offer he denies accepting.  however today with the wealth of information available about covert cia drug operations like mk-ultra, later the iran-contra affair, and finally the crack cocaine boom of the 80’s and 90’s, i’d argue there’s a certain plausibility in michael ruppert’s claims. originally a “change it from the inside” kind of guy, ruppert tells the audience he’d hoped he could out the cia through public letters to lapd department heads and state senators, “getting on the record” as he puts it.  in retrospect ruppert recognizes these ineffective attempts to confront the state as naive. but understands the process he’d gone through to realize this naivete, as the base for his future career as an investigative journalist.  this career would eventually lead ruppert to write, edit and publish from the wilderness a newsletter read by more than 20,000 subscribers in 40 countries including 40 members of the US Congress. ruppert explains to the audience this career lead him to break various national scandals like the sub-prime mortgage scandal, which he’d written about nearly three years before the 2008 crisis. however since 2001 ruppert has become increasingly focused on energy, and more specifically peak oil.  peak oil backers like ruppert argue the hydrocarbon energy source is finite and that both oil discovery and use mapped on a graph, create a bell curve.  and more importantly that we are or have already passed the climax of this curve.  so what does that mean? this is where the documentary gets interesting.

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