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garbagewarrior… sustainable construction

by anekdotales

i came across this the other day and was impressed by its logic, creativity and simplicity- the conversion of garbage and waste into self sustaining homes, turning the plastic bottles that fill our landfills into bricks and used tires into walls. mike reynolds in his personal search for sustainable alternatives to the architectural and developmental norms of modernity, challenges common conventions about how humans relate to the local ecosystems where we live.  for reynolds and many others the human race has already consumed far more than our fair share of the world’s resources.  we have left vast swaths of land uninhabitable through industrial farming, we are rapidly using up both the planet’s fresh water, and fossil fuels, and now it’s becoming undeniable that we have affected the global climate in our constant growth.  it is without a doubt a dark future.  yet people like mike reynolds can renew one’s hope in the human capacity to react, adapt, learn, and progress towards a much more sane and healthy relationship with the earth.  this documentary, shot over the course of three years, follows mike reynolds through the construction of variety of different homes, and his battle with first the local code enforcers and later the state legislature.    unfortunately the status quo doesn’t seem so interested in the kind of world mike is working to try and create.

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