yet another blog

by anekdotales


did you know la paz is sinking into the massive aquifer that rests below it


so yet another stab at a blog.   what’s this the second… third… no, fourth time i’ve tried this… i’m not sure myself.  i’m not even sure what my intentions are with this one…  all i know is i need to do something. i’ve got to write… my brain needs the stimulus and the challenge of self-expression.  it is the only way for me to stay off normality… to give some sort of purpose to my thoughts, as random and inconclusive as they may seem. to play out my reactions and reflections transforming them into words typed into a computer and shared over the internet. thus they can escape the cavities of my skull and become representations of me in this world.   something to remind myself i’m not going insane.  something to differentiate me from the millions of expressionless automatons that wander our streets.


maiz y papas, maiz y papas, maiz y papas, and then a little bit of vaca



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